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The 4 main types of people

Drivers are very results oriented, focusing on the task at hand and want to talk about the bottom line. They are generally very driven in their approach to others.
Cue: "I didn't come into the store to have you talk to me about Zombie movies."

"Relationship oriented 'amiables' are usually very co-operative, friendly, and easygoing. They avoid conflict and not respond well to any type of pressure. 'Amiables' are very suspceptible to second-thoughts and cold feet because they are timid to make proposals. They are quick to agree with others even if they don't really agree."
Cue: "Well, if you say that I need the extended warrenty, then, I guess I do."

"With and extremely expressive style, 'expressives' tend to be driven by concepts. They are social oriented and like to talk. This style of personality can become easily bored with details."
Cue: "All I need to know, is, will you be able to get the birthday cake in time for the party?"

"'Analyticals' are thinkers, tending to be facts and figures oriented. They make very systematic and thorough decisions. They will question everything told to them. Usually very reserved, they think before they speak."
Cue: "So, If I get your membership, I have to pay a one-time fee, plus a monthly membership, with a minimum 1 year commitment?"


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