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I made the dark blue satin shirt in, sadly, 19th century style before I really knew what I was doing. But it looks good. Well used and admired... The silk pants were of standard construction, but were made before I understood how to make REALLY great fitting pants. Now the crotch seam does not blow out with all his activities, but I know that I could do much better now. :)
This doublet was made for my friend, Jamie, who is the leader of the Shire of Cragmere. The shirt was made as a Christmas present from her SO and the doublet was commissioned in exchange for me getting an inkle loom. The doublet was made from corded cotton, and all the points of the pattern flow in the same direction. There wasn't much fabric as it was being made over from another garment, so I had to improvise in a few places to make it all flow correctly. I personally liked making this one. It was a good challenge. :)
This was a wedding I was asked to assist in sewing with. I made all the women's gowns; the Brides dress of Emerald Green Silk (made in the late period German style) with elaborate sleeves, the bright blue gown with big blue sleeves (regional Italy/Germany 1520's style) lent from my own wardrobe, and the pale blue Maid of Honour dress (patterns of fleur-de-lys as trim and as the sleeves and bodice), made in the traditional italian renaissance style. There is a placard in the front of her bodice with embroidered designs of fleur-de-lys to show thru the bodice lacing. For the bright blue gown, I still have 3 other sleeve styles waiting to be made for it.
Cassy begged and begged me to make her a "queen" gown. I had already made her an italian renn out of durable yellow damask curtains when she was 2, but that was a "princess" gown, and now she wanted a better gown. Her previous Gates of Hell gown had a train that didn't bode too well for playing, so when I created this new Italian Gown, I was SMRT. The Chemise is silk and the gown dark green patterned velvet. It was very popular with her until she drastically grew out of it. :( You can see more of the gown on her page here.
Marcel wanted to have a sturdy outfit for rapier fighting that would be of regulation quality. He picked denim. Shot black with hot pink and bright purple. So, I parti-coloured it. This isn't a very good pic, I think I will take a pic of the doublet and pants by themselves. But, it turned out alright. The construction is very sound, it hasn't ripped, and the pants do not blow out because I improved my pants techniques before I sewed these. :)
My friend Morgan was going to a medieval wedding in another province and needed to have an outfit. He also wanted it to double as court garb for those rare times he actually attended court. The time period he gave me was 1500's. We decided on an early form of the doublet and this is the end result. Eventually, it will have pearlized sleeves, and italian slops. More pictures and it's diary can be seen here


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