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My love of clothing history dates back to my very young days when I read the "Little House on the Prairie" series. I found it a fascinating read of everyday life that was so detailed that it just seemed to come alive. Soon, I wanted to have clothing like hers. My grandma had taught me the basic embroidery skills when I was growing up, and when I became a teenager, my mother taught me to sew. Since that time, I've discovered so many things about clothing history that it's become impossible to say what my favorite historical time period is. I love it all! *grin*

Lady Desamona Villani was born in 1545 in Pisa, Italy. Currently she resides at the court of the Duchess of Florence, Eleonora.
My Father, Lord Piero Villani, is the Chief Customs Inspector of Cosimo I. He came from a long family line of administration posts, mainly focused on trade and brokering deals. He has inherited some small family plots of land, but the famine years 1547-1552 have taken their toll, and the land barely produces enough to cover itself and simple household costs.
My mother, Lady Maria da Valori, is descended of minor Pisan Nobility, but once the Florentines took over the city in 1504, it has become all but impossible to penetrate the harsh, demanding circles of the Florentine nobility, and the family status has declined into a satellite bloodline of landholders.
I was born as the first born daughter, and second child of my parents. I understand my birth was difficult for my mother, and to this day will not talk about it. My brother, Stefano, a year older than me, has been learning Latin and Mathematics at the University of Florence. It is expected he will join my father when his studies are complete. When I was 14, I was sent into the service of the Duchess as a visual repayment of the Duke’s gratitude towards my father and his clever ways around difficult problems concerning the building of the Port Town of Livorno, and it's seaport. Because of our families manouvering, the family honour (and coffers) have been on the rise, enough that my father is expecting to be given the post of Governor of Livorno, and on that expectation, has been able to broker a good marriage for me, to the second-born son, Neri, of the Banking family Durazzo, of the free city, Genoa.
I am terrified!

Brandy Dickson currently resides on the west coast of BC, Canada. She lives with her boyfriend, daughter, and no pets. She plays in the Barony of Seagirt, An Tir, and has been attending events for 11 years now.


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