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"They say that English borrows from other languages. No. English follows other languages down a dark alley, knocks them out cold, and goes rummaging through their pockets for loose bits of grammar."


You know when life distracts attacks you seriously when you:
1) Update your website at work,
2) Embroider and handsew on a crowded bus,
3) Take research notes in the bath,
4) Buy a Blackberry just to get home email on the go,
5) practice delayed gratification on anything research worthy!

I've been spurred back into the swing of things with the advent of new books for my persona research. I've also been mulling around a neat concept for a persona development ithra class, but I want to focus more on my Scholars projects first.

Yuck! Go away for a few minutes to deal with family and the next thing you know, it's been a year and a half! How time does sneaky things to you!

I've been generally keeping busy by ordering books and doing more research. The latest book I've bought is "At Home in Renaissance Italy". Fabulous book. Read it from cover to cover, and am wanting more. You can read it's full review from me here.
My latest reasearch project concerns Spanish Mourning Gowns from Alcega's Tailor's book, and the whole concept of mourning in general. It's a very facinating and frustrating topic, but I am loving all the discoveries I am making. I've posted my thoughts so far on the subject under mourning, found here.

I did it again. I'm sooo bad. I couldn't wait for Tudor Tailor to get here in the mail (it's hard to comprehend 12 weeks as being a long time, but it is!), so I got myself another book. "The Book of Fine Linen" arrived yesterday awaiting my arrival home from work. So, now I am reading it, getting my fix, and rest assured, I will review it as soon as I am done.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I am!

Happy Canada Day!!!!
It's great to be a Canadian.
And that is all there is to it!


Well, Father's Day is coming up, so I thought I'd treat myself to something fun and drool-worthy! (I know, it's a day for Fathers, but eh. Fathers get to enjoy thier kids and I get a day off!) So, I ordered "Tudor Tailor". It's still going to be about 6-8 weeks till it gets here, but I'm excited nonetheless! And of course, I will review it!
I've almost finished my two (read them, TWO!!!) articles on fabric and fibers, Linen and Wool. The article on Cloth Trade in Europe is going to be longer in the making as I have too much information and yet, not enough. I know that sounds odd, but it's true. So there! *grin*

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wish I was a mayor, so that I could dye my river green.....
I've not worked on my website for a bit now, but there are some great things coming soon. More pics of Cassys garbs, and an article or two on Fabric and fabric trade in Europe. Stayed tuned!

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you are having a wonderful day, with or without a romantic interest!
I've tweeked Cassy's 3-in-1 Dress diary, it should be readable now, and the last dress is now complete. Will be adding it to the gallery soon.
Well, I read it from cover to cover. Very satisfying. Lots to think about. Definetly what I would call a modivational book for the costumer. Lots of things to try out, experiment with, and research. *sigh* You can find the review of the book here.
*SQUEE!!* It Arrived! It Arrived! *Does a little happy dance* "Moda a Firenze" arrived on my doorstep today. *strokes it lovingly* It's so pretty! And so full of colour pictures, and so full of english words, *sigh* I guess the housework will have to wait, as I drink in my costuming fix for the rest of the week!
I will review it, I promise! Ah... soon! Yes, Soon!

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