Eleonora's Stockings

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When I had originally set out to recreate the Eleonora Dress, I had not anticipated that I would take it this far. Before I read the book, "The Cultural World of Eleonora di Toledo", I hadn't thought too much about stockings, underwear, or shoes. But, such things are just as valid as the dress or chemise itself. So, I extended my scope of learning to all the underwear, accessories, and extras I could find.

Eleonora's burial socks were made in 100% crimson silk, with simple stitches. One stocking was discovered to be inside out, indicating the haste of her preparation for burial. Included amongst her burial clothes were unfinished bias strips of red silk, thought at first to be garters for her socks, but later turned out to be ties for her hands and feet within the coffin.

To Be Continued....


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Posted in entirety with permission of
Melina Strehl, a.k.a Camilla de La Reynarde
Knitting Eleanor of Toledo's Stockings
by Camilla de La Reynarde
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Instructions for Eleonora's Stockings
by Melina Strehl
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(Holiday Issue, 1990)

A History of Hand Knitting
Richard Rutt
Interweave Press, Colorado USA (c) 1989
ISBN 0934026351


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