Cotton Is Period? Really?

Cotton Names in other Languages, Medieval and Renaissance

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The beginings with Sanskrit:
Culture Word
Sanskrit Karpasa
East Indian Karpasi
Hebrew Karpas/karpac
Greek Karpasos
Latin Carbasus
Persia Kirpas
Arabic Kirbas
Armenian Kerpas
Malay Kapas
Mongol Kabaz/Kabiz

From the spread of trade through the Mongols:
Middle Persian Pambak
Low Latin Bambacium
Croatia Bambak
Russia Bumaga
Turkey Pamuk
Hungarian Pamut
German Baumwolle (modern)

From the spread of trade with the Arabs:
Arabic Qutn (Iran??)
Sicilian Cuttonum/Bambacium
Spanish Al-godon, Algodon
Portugual Algodao
Italian Goton, modernly Cotone
Provencal Alcoto
Welsh Cotwn
Gaelic Coton
Old French Auqueton

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