My Daughters Dress Diary

The Perfect Gettup...

...or, How I was going to make it work

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I decided on some fabric I already had in my stash. A 60" x 54" piece of brown brocade, and a 53" x 40" piece of white brocade with gold accenting. Trim was another story. I didn't have anything really suitable execpt for some gold lamee bias tape. *sigh* Fannys Fabrics was having a sale on notions and accessories soon. It seemed a visit was in order. I picked up 1.9m of lightweight upholstery 100% cotton white with thin, brown-y beige stripes at thier 50% off sale. Walmart supplied the gold cording and the buttons Cassy chose. After washing, it measured 54" x 70". I also dig out some thin unbleached cotton leftover from another project as reserve lining it case that wasn't enough. I found a sale at the local Michaels store and picked up some tiny beads for her hairnet for decoration. I had some pearls laying around not doing anything either, and added them to the growing pile of Cassy's outfit.

Next came the designing. What pieces were going to be made out of what?

Choice 1 Choice 2
White Brocade Bodice Brown Brocade
White Brocade Skirt White Brocade
Brown Brocade Pants Brown Brocade
Brown Brocade Sleeves White Brocade

There was one big problem with choice #1, as I could not reasonably fit a full bodice and full skirt out of the white. There just simply wasn't enough. Certainly not enough cabbage for all the rest of the "extras" either. So, Choice number 2 was looking better.
Cassy's height required some serious thinking and fudging in order to get out of the fabrics all the pieces that were needed. Since the white brocade was too short without help, I decided to band the skirt. It was not Elizabethan period, but, it was kids garb. :)
For the banding material, I used Cassys brown cotton velvet "Gates of Hell" from when she was 3 years old. It no longer fit her and was ripped right accross the chest. I figured the velvet could also be used for some of the linings, and a hat too!(oooOOooo a hat - apparently I like punishment) I also picked up a cheap hairnet from the dollar store to bead for her too.

You can see the pattern layout here for all the pieces HERE.

**Warning! I'm not a very good artist!**

Final detailed list of what I am making Cassy:
Bodice Brown Brocade trimmed with white brocade and Brown Velvet
Skirt White Brocade with banding of Brown Velvet and Brown Brocade
Knee Pants Brown brocade with white bands on waist and knees
Sleeves Brown brocade trimmed with white Brocade
Chemise Highcollar linen with blackwork
Drawers Linen, elastic waist with lace trim on legs (she's still a kid)
Hose Modern tights with embroidery at ankles
Hat Brown velvet with white plumes and brown brocade applique
HairNet Pre-made net picked up at Dollar Store, recut for child size head, beaded

Project Cost:
$14.99 (2 brocades on sale in summer)
$ 0.00 Gold bias tape (3 X 1.75m)(gift from friend)
$ 0.00 Cassy's old dress (used, and damaged. No org value)
$ 1.00 1 period knotted hairnet
$16.14 lining cotton (1.9m)
$ 2.34 Tan coloured thread
$ 4.05 Gold Buttons
$ 2.36 Gold Braid (3.8m)
$ 1.69 Gold Rochalle tiny beads (for hairnet)
$40.88 :Total

With the cost set up and the idea in my mind straight, I set about cutting and constructing the creation. MOVING ON!

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