My Daughters Dress Diary

An Accessory to Insanity...

...or, Can't I be done yet, please?

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Accessories are suppose to give an outfit that completed feeling. All it gave me was an endless feeling! I don't think I will ever get this outfit truely done.

I started on the hat pattern. I took a measure of Cassy's head to find out her size. I then used my head template and adjusted it based on the formula a friend made for me (as math is not my strong suit). Now that I had the circle properly sized, I measured out the brim about 2+1/2". Then I added seam allowances and cut the pattern out. When tested on Cassy, the paper pattern fell onto her ears, a little loose. That's good. Room to grow and all that. Just will need a thicker sweat band. Yea. Sweat band. Next I needed the top of the hat pattern. Tracing out my inner circle, I measured out to the edge of the band *plus* the width of the band... that gave me how big the pattern would be. I then traced from the inner circle the curve of the head. The hat pattern was ready.

I started by putting the hairnet over her whole head, and using white thread to tie a single knot right around the areas where the net should sit on her. I then cut the net on the next junction over and fray checked the knots so the net wouldn't fall apart. After letting the glue dry, I discovered the styrofoam head had deep holes in it. Turns out the fray check eats styrofoam. So... I guess I'll have to be more careful in the future. I next trimed the knot areas down to the knot itself so the hairnet looked like it was meant for Cassy. I added the eleastic string around the edges weaving in and out of the holes and knotted the ends and fray checked them. After trimming the eleastic ends down to the knot to make it neater, I next stretched the net on the styrofoam head so I could begin beading. After deciding on a simple pattern, gold beads surrounding a white pearl, I dug in. I realized too late that the pattern didn't match up properly all the way to the back of the head like a good little pattern. I had to fudge it, but it still looks good. Adding beads to an already made net is alot of tedious work that takes up alot of time. I can't say that I recommend it unless you have the spare minutes to squeeze in a stitch or two here and there, and don't need it done in 24 hours. For the amount of hours and work, you'd be better off learning netting and making an original one.



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